Some people have no respect for animals. They are cruel towards them in every regard. Animals are captured, sold, and even slaughtered for the strangest of reasons. Meet Fifi. This bear was brought at a Pennsylvania roadside zoo nearly 30 years ago when she was just a cub. She was forced to perform confusing tricks along with the other caged bears, and after the zoo shut down 10 years later, the poor thing was locked in a tiny cage that had nothing but a rundown doghouse for shelter.

Fifi was emaciated, her coat became dull and dirty, and she suffered from arthritis. She had almost no hope left, but that’s when PETA and The Wild Animal Sanctuary came to her aid in July 2015. Fifi was transported to their Colorado facility and she finally got the care and the habitat that she deserved. After 5 months at the facility, she is truly transformed!

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