In this video, we get to see the birth of a beautiful baby dolphin. It was captured by Sam Cejtin at the Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. Katrl is a 28 year old Pacific white-sided dolphin that gave birth to her calf on 18th of April, 2016. It is not only fascinating, but it also an amazing moment. No wonder it went viral on the net!

More than 40 members of the animal care and veterinary teams were standing by when Katrl gave birth to her newborn in the Abbott Oceanarium. She went through three hours of labor. The nameless baby calf was born at 25 pounds and was around 3 feet, and he bonded quickly with his mama. This was Katrl’s first pregnancy. There are only 16 pacific white-sided dolphins in accredited North American zoological facilities; therefore, making thing birth even more significant.

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