It is very common to see people with their pets outside, basking in the sun. Some go everywhere with their pets, while others stroll to the park and back home. But have you ever seen a kangaroo as a pet? You’re about to see one, and it’ll warm your heart.

The kangaroo in the video, Damian, is the sweetest little thing. People around always think he’s a weird-looking dog, but when they get a closer look, they’re stunned. Who wouldn’t be? You don’t get to see kangaroos strolling around every day.

Damian goes everywhere with his human, and they even hop around together. He loves to visit the beach and play in the sand. Damian also loves to help out when his human is busy at work. He’s a crowd-pleaser as well. Whenever he is outside, he attracts onlookers, and he doesn’t miss an opportunity to take pictures with his fans.

Watch him in the video below and don’t forget to share.