Among dog species, the most adorable are the Huskies. These dogs are unique among others. They have a distinctive coat suited to cold weather. They also have the most beautiful eyes in the animal kingdom. Their size also distinguishes them from their counterparts. Huskies also are known to be quite vocal. They often communicate within themselves and their species. When living with one, prepare to have a serious conversation like this one.

This husky in the video isn’t just howling for attention; he’s letting his mom know he’s not pleased. He refused to be cowed into silence. His mom wanted him to lay down, but this adorable mutt had other plans. He got into a heated argument with his mom. You can see how serious he is as he protests his mom’s orders.

He grumbled for minutes before slowly caving into her wishes. Huskies are like inquisitive eight-year-olds. They always want to have the last say and have excuses for everything. This one, however, is like nothing you have ever seen.

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