On the 2nd of March, 2017, a pitbull named Buddy rescued a 9-year-old boy whose mom threw him into the river. Even though this seems like Buddy is a hero, his story will shock you.
The little boy’s mother is currently facing murder charges as well as attempted murder after drowning her 5-year-old boy and trying to drown her older son.

Buddy caught a glimpse of the little boy as he was fighting off his mother. Immediately, he jumped into action to save him. While he was dragging the boy from his mother, he bit him mistakenly. He also bit the boy’s mother when she came after him again.

The little boy survived the ordeal, but his brother wasn’t so lucky. He died during the incident. Rangers held Buddy in their custody pending the result of the investigation.

After the dog was taken, his owners started an online petition to persuade the authorities to release him to them.

Their petition had more than 50,000 signatures. After that, the officials decided to let Buddy go back home.