Dogs love water. Who wouldn’t? It’s so refreshing. Some species are expert swimmers, while others simply adapt to the environment. Some expert swimmer dogs include the Irish water spaniel, the Portuguese water dog, and the duck trolling retriever.

The not so good swimmers are the short legged dogs and heavy dogs like the bulldog and dachshund.

Dogs swim better than cats because cats have a thicker fur that isn’t easy to dry off. Besides, cats love show dominance. How will they do that when their paws are off the ground?

This video shows how fun water could be for dogs. From the first puppy splashing around in the water to the last, it’s fun all the way.

The highlight of the video for me is the adorable mutt trying to save his owner from drowning. He isn’t worried about not being big enough to save his owner; he just wants to put in an effort to save him. It’s the most adorable thing ever.

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