Dogs are peaceful, loving creatures and they never want more than the love and care of their humans. When they are abused, it is so heartbreaking. This adorable dog, named Baxter was abused by his former owners when he peed on the floor. It was so severe that he became unconscious.

Baxter was found unconscious by the Nebraska Humane Society. They were not sure if he could survive the injury, but they were willing to give him a chance at life. The little guy fought and survived. However, he had a permanent brain damage, and it causes him to have trouble standing upright and walks straight.

Baxter didn’t let this stop him from enjoying the love he has now. He is a loving and playful mutt. A curious little girl once asked if he would be normal again in heaven. He surely will, but right now, he’s enjoying every minute in his heaven on earth.
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