When we are bored, 24 hours could seem like 48 hours. Our minds start to become creative. In this moment of boredom, we could come up with the most innovative ideas ever. Have you ever felt that way? I have. Now see what happens when animals get bored. This video shows that they are capable being creative when they are bored as well.

It began on a beautiful afternoon in the park. Five border collies were bored, so they decided to entertain themselves and their owner. It starts out with suspense and anticipation. One collie walked up to his friend stealthily, and when he got close, both of them started walking stealthily towards another friend. They were so coordinated like spies in an action movie.

The dogs moved slowly in sync until they reach their target. Their owner recorded a video of them doing the collie walk and burst into laughter. Wait until you see how they ended their dance. It’s the sweetest thing ever.

Watch the video below and remember, sharing is caring.