No one likes hiccups, and the reasons aren’t farfetched. You can’t control them because they are involuntary and this makes them even more annoying. We are helpless when this temporary annoyance starts.

Some people suggest some natural remedies for this problem. They suggest bending over forwards or drinking a glass of water while lying upside down. Other methods include getting frightened by someone else or breathing in for long periods. Some of these methods don’t work for people, and they have to wait it out. So imagine how frustrating it will be for a puppy.

One day, Buck was taking a ride in the car when he was suddenly hit with a bout of the hiccups. The confused pup was getting tired of the hiccups, and so he decided to bark them away. How ingenious and completely adorable! He came up with his home remedy for hiccups, and it seemed to be working for him.

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