The beloved Bee Gees were the highlights of a special television show. The show was called, “Stayin’ Alive: The Grammy Salute To The Music Of The Bee Gees.” This tribute was beautiful and everybody’s favorite Bee Gees songs were performed by famous stars. However, it was one special performance that had every fan at home and in the crowd going wild.

Pentatonix is famous for its amazing a capella harmonies. During the Bee Gees special performance, the fans were wowed. Pentatonix may have had the most amazing performance of the show. The group performed the Bee Gees single “Too Much Heaven” for the audience, and for Barry Gibb sat in front of them.

A Pentatonix member known as Kristen Maldonado said group members were nervous, and one reason was that the living legend, Barry Gibb ten feet away. Still, they agreed that it was an honor to be picked to perform during the show. Since the Bee Gees have solid harmonies, the best band to perform their part was Pentatonix. In case you missed it on TV, here’s another chance to hear their exhilarating performance of “Too Much Heaven.”