Mark Dumas had trained many animals for films and movies before, so he was asked to find a polar bear to photograph. That’s when he came across a little female cub called Agee. Agee was the eleventh cub born to her mom. Because of the large number of children, her mom was sure to encounter some difficulties while raising her. Mark instantly fell in love with this little cub and he decided to hand-raise Agee on his own.

It has been 18 years since then and the polar bear has now started looking up to Mark as her mother, father, and companion. Mark’s wife says that Agee gets jealous of even her. If someone takes Mark’s attention away from her, Agee tends to acts needy. To show her love to her dad, she purrs like a cat. Mark and Agee swim together, play together, and live together. Despite the potential risks, Mark doesn’t feel any danger with the polar bear.

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