The police and the army have been using many animals and their skills to help them out in their professions. For example, dogs have been trained to sniff out explosives and other stuff, while horses have been used for centuries for transport. Cars may have become the main means of transport for the police these days, but horses are still used in many cities around the world.

Such police horses have a very close link with their riders. It is crucial for them to trust their riders and maintain their stance in even the worst traffic situations. Sadly, something tragic happened to a police horse in Houston. Charlotte, a horse from the Houston Police Department, got panicked by a passing car and threw her rider off her back. He was injured a little, but he is now recovering fine. Unfortunately, Charlotte was hit by another car and the injury was too much for her to recover from. A picture of an officer comforting her in her final breaths went viral. Let’s hope she is in a good place now.

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