Surely, you may have seen a rooster strutting around, but have you seen them dance like this beautiful Conure parrot?

This cute bird may put Ciara to shame with his head-bobs, struts, and twirls. He didn’t mind not having an audience, his reflection staring back at him was enough. He put on an amazing show for himself.
These parrot species are popular pets because they have interesting personalities (as seen clearly in this video). This South American bird is relatively loud but snuggly. It also makes an excellent family pet. With some extra attention and love, these sweet creatures can even be trained to do awesome tricks to entertain you and your family.

The bird seems entertained as he runs to and from his audience (the mirror), turning back and moving his head up and down with the rhythm. Before his routine ends, he mistakenly taps his beak softly on the mirror. This makes him somewhat confused. However, he doesn’t let it faze him. He continues to strut his stuff nonetheless.

His personality is definitely one in a million. Who would have thought a bird would teach us dance moves? Watch the video below and don’t forget to share.