Animal abuse is something that is inhumane and something that should be stopped. While many countries have laws against animal abuse and cruelty, it is not implemented strictly in all cases. We come across harrowing cases of animal abuse every day on the internet. The following story was reported from China, and it is just heartbreaking.

A man in Yangzhou, China intruded into an area with black swans. He saw some of the nesting ground built by the swans. That’s when he did something heinous in front of a whole group of people.

He started stomping his feet on the ground, right on the swan’s nest.

The eggs laid by the swans were broken right before their own eyes.

The man was apparently laughing while doing so. What was even more surprising was that nobody from the crowd stepped forward to stop him.

The heartbroken swans couldn’t do much than stare at the crushed eggs.

Li Yaming, the manager, said that the eggs had no value so it didn’t matter if they were broken.

This was really unnecessary and uncalled for. How could anyone do something like this to such innocent creatures?
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